Monday, October 13, 2014

Sensory Processing Disorder and The Rain

Today it was pouring rain and I forgot to put on rain boots before leaving for class. My feet and bottoms of my pants were soaking wet by the time I got to class and one of the things that sets my sensory system off the most in having one part of my body be wet. I'm fine if my whole body is wet, but if just one part is wet and the rest is dry, my sensory system goes pretty haywire. 

During class my tics were very active, and my sensory system was very overwhelmed. I don't know if any of you have experienced something similar, but when my sensory system is overwhelmed by something (like in this case having wet shoes and pants), all my muscles tighten up and can't relax, and I check out mentally. When i'm overstimulated like this, its just like my body can't take any more sensory stimulation and I tune out things around. I tune out other people's voices and I stare at things for long periods of time trying not to move my eyes around too much (probably my body's way of trying to limit visual input). I wasn't able to participate in class at all because I was so checked out and after class I rushed back to my dorm.

My coordination also seems to check out. I fumbled with my key and dropped it while trying to open the door and struggled to take my pants off in a coordination fashion.

Anyone else experience anything like this because of sensory issues? Checking out mentally? Staring into space? Not being able to relax you muscles? Loosing coordination and proprioceptive abilities when overstimulated?

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  1. I have that issue with partial dampness too! I've never heard anyone else describe it before. Water fights were hell for me as a child.