Saturday, September 27, 2014

You Know You Live In A TS House When.....

This post is one of the lighthearted posts that I love to make! Sometimes we just need to laugh about our tics and the unusual and sometimes very humerus situations that Tourette's puts us in. These quotes come from families who live with Tourette's everyday and who know all too well that more times than not, laughter can be the best medicine :) 

"You know you live in a TS house when kid #3 keeps burping and kid #1 is getting annoyed by it, but you know #3 can't help it, so the whole family just starts burping to lighten the mood." 

"You have one kid cussing up a storm, another kid making chirping noises, and another one clearing her throat ALL at the same time, and you still manage to hear your baby nephew crying over all the other noise."

"When your son is tired of hearing all the noises and yells "Shut up! Not a tic!""

"You know you live in a TS house when one person sets off the other person & we laugh at each other afterwards."

"The pics in the living room fly off the walls after bedtime. (The thrashing at night) ...when he opened a Christmas gift in front of family that were unaware of his "cop" and screams "S*** F*** F*** D***!" Yup I'm pretty sure they still pray for me!"

"You know you live in a TS house when the neighbors think you own a drum set!! Nope, it's just the banging on the walls, table and chairs!!"

"When you walk two steps forward and one step backwards, shake your hand and do it again all the way through the house...then suddenly realize your TS daughter isn't even there!! But your so use to doing it with her it's now become your own habit!! LOL" 

"When the neighbor/ good friend( thank God) texts you at midnight asking,"Did you hear that?", only to realize you have to inform her it's your lil' ticcer banging her hands against the walls and rod iron bed as she sleeps!! She was glad to know it wasn't an intruder!! lol Nope, just the TS house!!" 
"When you grow to enjoy hearing your child tell every street sign  "shut the f--- up" as you're driving" 

"When shoe shopping for an 8 year old involves making sure the perfect pair is not too high on the ankle but not too low, tight enough but not too tight, and doesn't involve velcro - because he it not only has to have shoes that feel right but has also been known to spend over 30 minutes fastening velcro to make sure it's lined up perfectly."

"You know you live in a TS house when it always sounds like looney toons and they haven't been watched in 4+ months... "Wooo-Hoo!" 

"Asking "do you know you just said _____?" The random echolalia leads to word play and my daughter doesn't even realize what she's said sometimes!" 

"When you wake up in the middle of the night because an arm tic is knocking on your bedroom wall..." 

"When you have to Explain to offended women that "no, she doesn't really think you're pregnant, and she's not saying you're fat... She heard 'baby doll dresses make girls look pregnant' and now she can't help saying 'you look pregnant' whenever she sees one."

"When you know your a fish because your son constantly says "my mom's a fish"

"When you are greeted with "welcome to staples" when you walk into a room...When you find yourself saying "fubble nuggets", just because you got so used to hearing it."

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