Monday, March 3, 2014

10 Problems Only People with Tourette Syndrome Understand

1. Hearing this yet again: "Oh so you can swear whenever you want? That's so awesome!"  

2. Being asked to "hold still" while having your picture taken 

3.Having a vocal tic and yelling "Hey" out the window as two cute guys are walking by...and then the light turns red...

4. When you can't just say it, you have to SCREAM it! 

5. When you knock over opened containers on a regular basis 

6. When a hair cut turns into a life or death situation. 

7. When your arm tic ends up hitting the guy next to you in the crotch...

8. When you've been hitting yourself all day and someone says "Well if it hurts, why don't you just stop?"

9. When you make a noise and the whole class turns around to stare at you

10. When you scream for real and no one reacts because they're so used to your noises


  1. I don't usually do the "reblogging" thing, but this is so awesome I'm going to work out how and share this on by blog. :D :)

  2. Now I know why my friend Kevin likes this...)))