Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My friends once again make me feel so much better about embarrassing tics :)

I didn't get a change to see another one of my close friends, Lora yesterday because she was busy studying for a test but today I had dinner with her and am studying with her now. From the very first time I met her she has been more than awesome about my tics. She asks questions, and even jokes with me about my tics. Today when I had dinner with her she of course asked about my blue tape which I am still keeping on my fingers when out in public because of my middle finger tics that have decided to come back this week with a vengeance! So anyway when she asked me about it I explained. I told her I was having a tic that wasn't exactly socially "cool" and she was quick to pick up on it and then started giggling in of course kind of "laughing with me" kind of way. She asked me a few questions like "why haven't I seen it before" and I explained it was one of those tics that comes and goes and she also asked me why "forbidden" things often become tics and I did my best to explain that as well. We actually ended up having a long conversation about TS spurred by this. My favorite moments from this conversation were when Lora told me she wanted me to take my tape off when we were back at my dorm so she could see my tic, and when I said "you find this amusing don't you?" and she responded by giggling more. When we got back to the dorm, I took my tape off so I could type better and she got to see my new tic. When she saw it she pointed it out and said with excitement "I just saw it!" and started giggling some more. I had fun laughing about this tic with my friends. She is another amazing friend who makes me feel comfortable about ticcing around her and that is so important for me with a tic like this that I would usually find embarrassing and distressing. Tonight that usually unpleasant tic is something I am laughing about with my friends and I'm already feeling so much better about it :)

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