Friday, January 13, 2012

Friends Who Care!

So I just had to blog about this. A very bloggable moment in my opinion. Today I had a free period instead of my Holocaust class because my teacher was not there. My friend, Steam Punk, and I went to our usual hang out area where most of our friends hang out. I spent the period working on my documentary which I have gotten very far along with at this point, and Steam Punk was working on some reading and talking to a guy friend of hers. I was semi paying attention but my full attention was caught soon enough. Steam Punk's guy friend was acting silly and started trying to be funny by pretending to "convulse". He started joking and laughing saying that he was "convulsing". Immediately Steam Punk got very serious and said "Hey that's really not funny. There are lots of people who really have to deal with stuff like that, like people who have seizures and tics". This made me smile because I knew she was standing up for me and for others like me with Tourette's and in addition people who may have seizure disorders. The guy immediately apologized and stopped joking around. When Steam Punk gets serious, I mean she gets really serious. There was no messing with her. Gotta love a moment like this. Friends who care! :)

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