Saturday, January 14, 2012

Update on the Documentary!!!

Just wanted to give an update on the documentary! It's coming along very well so far and as of now it's going  to be pretty long with 4 or 5 parts each about 10 min long because I got so many videos and I dont want to leave out anything about TS. Today I finished putting all the video clips together in their pretty much final parts! That took so long and it took a lot of thought deciding which segments of people's videos should be included and where they should be put in terms of the rest of the video clips. Anyway when I finished that today I started audio mixing as well as adding music. I've added music and done audio mixing to 3 out of the 4 parts now, so I'm pretty far along with that! So far I'm using a mixture of piano and guitar music and trying to use music that is uplifting but at the same time shows the seriousness of the subject matter. Right now I would saw I could have it out by the end of January but I am still waiting on more videos that people told me they are going to make and I don't want to leave them out. So I will finish editing and putting together what I have right now probably over the 3 day weekend and just put it on hold until I hear from the people I am waiting. Then when I hear from the people I'm waiting on I will review their videos, decide what parts of them should be included and find parts of the video where they could fit then stick them in! I am also waiting on an interview with my neurologist for the documentary. He's been out of town for it bit but i've already e-mailed him and he said he and his colleges who study Tourette's would be happy to do an interview for me. Anyway right now I guess I would expect the full thing to be out by the beginning or middle of Febuary? Just a guess on that one though. I really have no idea! We'll just have to see! I have also just set the deadline for uploading videos, marking them as unlisted, and sending me the link for next Saturday, January 21st. In addition, I have modified the questions. Here are the modified questions. 

Say your name, age, and that you have Tourettes
What is Tourettes? (explain it in your own words)
What does a tic feel like to you?
When were you diagnosed?
Explain what it was like being diagnosed.
What are some of your tics?
Have you ever been bullied or have you gotten negative reactions?
What has your experiance been like in school with TS? Were your school system/teachers supportive?
Have you had support from friends and/or family?
How do your friends and family support you and help you feel okay about your TS?
What's the hardest part of having TS?
How do you persevere through difficult times with it? Or how do you deal with negative reactions?
Do you think they're a positive side to having TS?
What do you want others to know about TS?
What associated conditions do you have? OCD?
ADD? ADHD? SPD? Etct..
Do you take medication? Has it helped?
Does anything else besides medicine help?
What would you say to someone who was just diagnosed?
When do you tic the most? the least?
What do you like to do? are you an artist? a musican? a writer? do you like to
cook or act in plays?
Anything else you want to tell people about having TS?

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