Monday, January 23, 2012

Neurologist and TS researcher interview tomorrow!

Tomorrow after school I am going to meet with a Neurologist and a Tourette's researcher who has Tourette's as well for my documentary. I'm super excited! The Neurologist agreed to let me interview him on film for the documentary but the researcher was a bit more hesitant about that because of her TS. She says she might be able to do a short clip on film for the documentary but is hesitant about being interviewed on film for the entire time. Even though she probably won't do more than a short clip, I am most excited to meet her! I've never met an adult woman with TS so I'm excited. In fact that only two adults with TS that i've ever met were Brad Cohen and Marc Elliot, both very public figures in the Tourette's community. So meeting an adult who has TS but is not a pubic figure is something new for me as well. So I'm very excited for tomorrow! Tonight I will prepare the questions I'll ask them for tomorrow. My mom is going to come with me to hold the camera to make sure the film is good quality. I kinda wish I could do it on my own, but I do want the film to turn out well.

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