Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Early Morning Comment on my Tics

I actually haven't had many comments from a person who I am not very close to about my tics lately. Most of the people I'm around at school and in my classes know I have Tourettes and when they see me tic they usually just don't comment. This morning in AP Photo class I was ticcing a bunch. Mainly motor tics. I left the class at one point to go out in the hallway and just shake and tic a bunch to try to get it out of my system. But when I came back I was none the less still ticcing. The guy sitting next to me knows I have Tourettes of course and we've actually discussed it on earlier occasions. He's just a guy in my class and I really don't know him all that well. Today we turned to me and said "Gosh! I'm learning lots of new tics today. It sure is interesting sitting next to you!". I just laughed along with his comment and we both went back to working. This has been the first comment from someone I don't know very well about my tics in a long while. I mean I know I have Tourettes but I don't see myself and its sometimes a shock for me to hear others comment on it because I'm just so used to ticcing. It's so normal for me. Anyway just thought I would share that moment. He said it in a very friendly way and wasn't trying to be mean or offensive or anything at all so that's always good.

Anyway the documentary is still going well! I e-mailed a lot of people about it yesterday. I e-mailed the link to  the trailer to my psychologist I see for my OCD, my moms cousin who produces real famous documentaries (one of his was nominated for a grammy!), my college counselor, and my school counselor. All per the request of my mom actually! My school counselor was soooo impressed with the project! And my moms cousin who is a real documentary producer was even impressed. This is the e-mail he sent me back after he saw my trailer:

"I just looked at your Tourette videos and I must say they are just wonderful and you are incredible for doing this.The idea of putting out the word like this and making a worldwide doc is a natural.... And I'm sure this will go viral...

The idea you are getting to, I think, is wonderful and will make this terrific and meaningful - the idea that Tourettes is symbolic for so many other things ---that everybody (every kid, too) has something that separates them, that embarrasses them, that makes them uncomfortable.  And the message  to stop bullying, to learn to accept each other and celebrate differences, is the path... it is wonderful...

I'd just advise you to carry are doing great...

(just hold the titles on a little longer so oldies like me who don't read as fast can read them).

Anything I can do or any advice I can lend ---call or write me anytime..." 

I was so happy to get this e-mail back! It made my day! He is a real life documentary producer, and even though he is family I felt like I was e-mailing a movie star! So that's my update for today. I will carry on! 

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