Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Success at Taking Action Against Tourette's at Night and Some Documentary Info

So last night was my first night sleeping with my brand new weighted blanket. At first I thought it wouldn't actually be enough weight to make any difference or to quell my tics, but I was soon surprised! Soon enough I felt the weight settling in and after about 5-10 minutes under the blanket I found it was immensely comfortable. I did a few small tics in bed, tossed from one side to the other only twice, and then fell asleep! The weight was immensely calming and comforting and it definitely helped my tics. I didn't wake up ticcing once in the night or wake up for any reason at all before it was time to wake up.  It's one of the best nights i've had in a long while and for anyone who has TS and who has trouble falling asleep at night because of tics I would definitely recommend a weighted blanket for any age.

Here of some places you can order weighted blankets online: (SensaCalm, where I got my blanket from!) (Dream Catcher Weighted Blankets) (Cozy Calm)

Also for my documentary or just for the purposes of my youtube channel, Speed Racer (my boyfriend) and I are going to go to a popular and alternative part of town on Friday to film short interviews with people on the streets or in the stores and ask them if they have heard of Tourette's Syndrome and what they think it is or might be. We are also planning on contrasting the basic and public knowledge of Tourette's with that of Autism and Aspergers Syndrome to compare. I will either edit that video into the documentary or post it on its own on youtube and I will certainly post the link on my blog when I am done with it and blog about the experience as well. In addition, I have made the deadline for turning in videos for the documentary this Saturday. So if you want to make a video but have not yet gotten around to it, now is the time to e-mail me, comment, or send me your video!

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