Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tics in a dark ally

Steam Punk and I hung out tonight. She usually isn't fazed at all by my tics and is one of the people who never draws any attention to them and rarley even comments on them. She's so used to me ticcing that she says she just doesn't notice it that much anymore. Tonight I helped her with a photography assignment by showing her around the city area near my house. We went into a darkish ally behind a shop to take pictures of some crates. While she was taking the picture I made a very loud and sudden noise that even I wasn't expecting. Steam Punk jumped a bit and said "That actually scared me!" and chuckled a little. I responded with a slight laugh and a "sorry" and she smiled at me and said "Don't be". Little moments like these make me smile and remind me that my friends understand :)

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