Thursday, October 27, 2011

Prepping for the Regatta!

A shorter post for tonight! I have to get ready for my Regatta!!! I probably won't post Friday or Saturday night because I'll be at the Regatta, but maybe if I have internet access I'll feel the need to post a short update. Tonight I spent all night de-rigging boats and packing up many many cox boxes into their cox box boxes and many many cox box boxes into the very large cox box box box. That's certainly a mouthful, cox box box box. We put all the boats and oars onto the trailer that the travel on to get to the Regatta site. Our Regatta is all the way in a diffrent state and over all its a 7-8 hour buss ride to get there. The fun thing about tonight was that every varsity member was paired up with a novice member (as a sort of buddy system) and since I'm a novice I was paired up with a varsity Coxswain, Freckles. I've talked with Freckles a bit before and of course I see her around the boat house but she really doesn't talk much. She's very quiet until she gets out onto the boat or is shouting commands at the rowers so I haven't gotten to know her very well. Tonight though she showed me how to pack up the cox boxes and how to de-rigger boats. She even made sure that I had my own cox box box for the Regatta with my name on it and everything! I was excited about having my own cox box and cox box box! She's about my age and we talked about college and school and I would consider us pretty close now. I ticced quite a bit around her and even did some vocal tics but she didn't comment at all. I assume this means that she already knows I have TS or she knows what its like to feel different and wouldn't want to make me feel this way. I will of course mention it too her if we end up sitting on the bus together tomorrow. I think I'll either sit with Freshman Buddy or Freckles on the bus, and because I feel more conformable around Freckles now than I used to I'm actually less nervous about the bus ride. I'm feeling a bit better about the bus ride but I'm still pretty nervous about how my tics will be on the bus. I have always hated anticipation and waiting. I will be up early (at 6:00) to go down to the boat house and we'll pick up Freshman Buddy on the way. My mom is driving both my brother and I to the Regatta in the morning. My brother who I will call Debate King Bro started as a rower this year on the boys novice team (he's 15 and a freshman). Also a side note I got accepted into my first college today! It was one of my safe schools but i'm really excited to say that I have been officially admitted into college! :)

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