Monday, October 31, 2011

Tourette's Encounter of Halloween Night :)

Tonight a girl who was about 12 years old came to my door for Halloween. My brother, Debate King Bro, had been answering the door all night and my mom told me it was my turn. I stood up to get the door saying "Happy Halloween" and holding the bowl of candy. She told me that she was collecting canned goods for the local area food bank and asked if I had any. The girl was squeezing her eyes together and blinking very hard which I immediately recognized as some form of tic disorder, most likely Tourette's. Having Tourette's myself makes me an expert at spotting tics. Although her's were not hard to spot. I smiled at her and said "hold on" and then shouted into the house "Hey do we have any canned food?". Debate King Bro always is very upset by people who are homeless or hungry. He really has a soft spot for that, so he grabbed some canned soup from the cabinet and put it in the girl's hand. I gave her some candy too and she said thanks and went on her way. People like this make me smile. She isn't afraid to go to people's doors blinking and squinting like crazy and ask for canned goods. Just another kid with tics who isn't afraid to be who they are. Thank you 12 year old treat-or-treater for showing the people in my neighborhood a kid with TS who is confident and who cares about others :)

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