Friday, December 6, 2013

Tic Log 12/6

12/6: Last day before reading week. Went into the lab to finish up some final touches on the program before we start running subjects next semester. Secret Snowflake sorority party.

Last night: Took meds at 11:30- 11:45 ish. My suitemates were talking outside my door! They weren't even being loud or anything but I was so sensitive to the sound of their voices as they talked. I tried to ignore it but the sound of people talking while I was trying to sleep was too much. Must be a sensory thing. Their voices started triggering major tics even after I had just taken my medicine. Hitting the bed and wall tics with my fist. Loud vocal tics. Eventually I went out and asked if they could be quiet. As soon as they stopped talking I feel asleep within 10-15 min which was around 12:30ish. 

Morning: Sniffling tics (Mild tics). 

Afternoon: Sniffling tics and facial tics (Mild tics). 

Evening: Squeaking vocal tics, facial tics, head/neck tics, hitting tics, blinking tics (Moderate tics)

Also my finger now looks like I was bitten by a spider or something with two sharp teeth! I haven't had any more tics involving scratching/ digging my nail into my finger since that one night and since opening up the blister. It's healing though, which is good.

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