Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tic Log 12/5/13

12/5/13: Today I had one exam (Developmental Psyc) and then after my exam I'm going to go try on dresses for my semi-formal that I'm going to with my date (I went to his fraternity's semi-formal a few weeks ago) and going to grab some dinner too.

Night before: Took Clonidine at 11:00. Asleep by 11:45ish. Took about 15 minutes to fall asleep. Note: I take the Clonidine 30 minutes before I get in bed, so I got in bed at about 11:30ish. I had some tics in bed, my hitting the wall tic with a closed fist and my squeaking vocal tics. (Moderate tics)

Morning: Sniffling tics (mild tics)

Afternoon: Sniffling tics and some other vocal tics (mild tics)

Evening: Vocal tics (my vocal tic that I call "purring" with my lips, squeaking), stomach tightening, hard blinking, facial tics, eye rolling. (Moderate tics)

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