Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tic Log 12/3/13

Tic Log 12/3/13: Today I have two classes. One of the classes is a trigger class for my tics because it has about 10 people. This class though combines the freshman and older students since its the final class. It's pretty much a party though so maybe it won't set my tics off.

Night before: Took Clonidine at 11:20. Fell asleep easily, 15-30 min at around 12:00pm. Slept until 10:45am. (I'm going to have to fix this waking up late thing next semester when I have 10:00 classes.)

Morning: Eye tics, facial tics, a few vocal tics (a vocal tic I do with my lips that I call purring) (Mild Tics)

Afternoon: In psych class, head tics, facial tics, hitting my leg tic, and small squeaking vocal tics with mouth closed (Mild to Moderate tics).

Was a little tired in pscych class but soon wasn't anymore. Didn't feel the need to take a nap today.

Evening: Eye tics, head tics, arm stretching/jerking tics, vocal tics (my typical squeak) (and whistling too) (and sniffling) (Moderate tics). In class and after/before class.

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