Thursday, December 5, 2013

Atlanta Tourette Syndrome Conference, "Breaking Down the Barriers Conference"

Hey everyone! If you live in Atlanta, or in elsewhere in Georgia, I wanted to let you know about the 2014 Tourette Syndrome Conference, "Breaking Down the Barriers Conference". It will be held on February 8th in Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center and is sponsored by the Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation. Here is some more information about the conference and you can also find more information at

"Our goal is to break down the barriers that individuals with TS, OCD,
and ADHD face at home, school and in social settings.


Conference is for Individuals with TS, Teachers, Educators, Parents, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, therapists, Social Workers, Counselors, Physicians, Neurologists, Health Care Professionals, Nurse Practitioners and more.

Come learn the latest and greatest from our team of professionals that will be presenting.

-Be inspired by the story of Brad Cohen!
-Learn the latest treatments from highly acclaimed Yale University’s ---Dr. James Leckman.
-Take in the newest ideas of CBIT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) from -Texas A&M’s Dr. Doug Woods.
-Hear the educational strategies for the classroom from Sheryl Pruitt.
-Advance your knowledge on the behaviors you are dealing with as Leslie Packer shares."

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