Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meet Zusil and Freida! Their Bios for the Documentary!

Meet Zusil! He and his sister Freida will be featured in our upcoming documentary!

My name is Zusil Eliezer, i'm 9 years old, and i'm from Penn Wynne, PA

"I've had Tourette's since I was 6. Some of my tics are quacking, calling people chicken, honking, evil laugh, loud scream, hand push, goose honk, nose pick,"beard" pic, and more. 

The hardest part is that people don't believe I can get new tics.

I like to play lego, pokeman, and play star wars.

I want other people to know that I can get new tics at any time."

Meet Freida! She and her brother Zusil will be featured in our upcoming documentary! 

My name is Freida Rochel Atkins, i'm six years old, and I live in Penn Wynne, PA. 

"I've had Tourette's for one and a half years. Some of my tics are whawha, chacha, dancing tic, stretching tics, brushing hair tic. I have a lot more but those are some of mine.

The hardest part is when I do my eye touching tic.

I tell it like it is. I like reading, playing with my little sister, playing with my doll house, and doing ballet.

I want people to know that it's my tourettes, I can't help it."

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