Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meet Megan! Megan's Bio for the Documentary!

Meet Megan! Megan will be featured in our upcoming Tourette's documentary. 

"My name is Megan Romeo. I am 18 years old and currently attending Texas A&M University! 

I have had TS for about 10 years now. My neck jerks, my eyes blink rapidly, my stomach contracts, my head shakes and my OCD is...well, it's OCD.

The hardest part of living with TS has honestly been coming to terms with the fact that it may never get better or go away. I've had tics for over half of my life, and I don't remember my life without them. 

I feel like one of my biggest strengths is leadership, which has been really helpful when it comes to talking/sharing with people about my TS. I love to work with children, and hope to one day become a teacher. I would love to make an impact (even if only on one child) through my story with TS. 

I believe everybody should know that TS isn't something to pity. Yes, it's a terrible, uncomfortable and embarrassing disorder. But I believe that it has helped to form who we all are as people, and it has made us in to the strongest, tightest, most supportive group I have ever met. I would like everybody who sees this documentary to know that I have been blessed by my Father, and He has a plan for me and my Tourettes!! Jeremiah 29:11 "

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