Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meet Molly! Molly's Bio for the Documentary!

Meet Molly! She and many others who live with Tourette's Syndrome will be featured in our upcoming documentary. 

"My name is Molly Barton, I'm 18 and I live near Grand Rapids, MN.

I have had TS since I was 7. Some of my tics are tensing up my muscles in my arms, legs, and back, jerking my head, shaking my head, jerking my arms out to the side, a humming noise, a sniffing noise, blinking my eyes

, rolling my eyes. facial grimaces.

The hardest part about having TS is either having to deal with tics when they get really bad and out of control, or dealing with ignorant people. Dealing with the aftermath of being bullied and ostracized my whole life.

I guess I'd say my biggest strengths are my determination and compassion that have been brought on by my struggles with TS. I love to read, write, sing, play guitar, and bowl.

I think other people should know how hard it really is to live with TS. Some people think it's not that difficult, but in reality, it is. TS can bring some good things, but it can also bring alot of bad things, too. We struggle with things that most people don't have to worry about, and it can be heartbreaking to have to deal with. The pain never really goes away, no matter how good you can become at hiding it and making clever excuses. But with that comes alot of strength, determination, and compassion. Always give someone with TS a chance. They just might surprise you."

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