Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meet Adam! Adam's Bio for the Documentary!

 Meet Adam! Adam and many others will be featured in our upcoming documentary! 

"My name is Adam Burton Farris, i'm 24, and i'm from Hendersonville North Carolina. 

I've had Tourette's siince age 6 and my tics are shaking my head, and grunting. I also have Tardive Disconisia. 

I believe my (dis)ABILITIES are really Abilities! So I make every day as good as I can.. So I try not to have bad days.

My Strengths are having (dis)DISABILITIES which I call Abilities! Because god put me on this earth for a reason, a very good reason!

Tourette's is not a disability, if you know someone with TS and think they are weird are rude try to get to know them. You never know they could become a very close friend! Or even your significant other one day!" 

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