Friday, December 9, 2011

A Busy and Fun Weekend Ahead!

Sorry that I haven't posted in a few days but I've been crazy busy with school and homework! The teachers went crazy with the tests this week. Anyway, I'm excited because I have a busy and fun weekend starting tonight! Tonight I'm going out with my boyfriend, Speed Racer! He's taking me to his school's Jewish Student Union (JSU) Friday night Shabat dinner. I've only been to a few Shabat dinners, even though I'm Jewish, and Speed Racer has never been to one before since he's not Jewish. We're both excited for the new experience even though neither of us will know a whole lot of people going. A few of his friends will be there but a majority of the people are people neither of us has met before. Also my James Durbin necklace is supposed to come today  or tomorrow. I really hope it comes soon because I want to wear it on Saturday night. Saturday night I'm going to the TSA teen pizza night that I talked about earlier on the blog. I'm super psyched for that because there are going to be about 10 other teens there and I think its going to be a lot of fun. Of course all of the teens there have TS and it's so nice to be around others who know what it's like to live it. I've never really been around that many people who have TS before, so this will be quite the experience! I assume it will be quite the experience for the pizza place too, considering they will be hosting 10 teens who twitch, jerk, and make noises. I'm going to be the only girl though, but its okay. I know two of the guys who are going to be there already and I'm used to being around guys a lot. Oh and before that I also get to chat with my friend, Starry (who also has TS), over skype. This is going to be a good weekend and I will surely post on the blog about it later. :)

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