Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Out of our control: The Chronicled lives of Tourettes Syndrome Documentary Project Start

Hey guys! So I've decided to make a Tourette's Syndrome awareness project video in honor of the upcoming TS awareness month! So maybe TS awareness month isn't until May....but hey I want to get started early so I can get as many video's gathered up as possible. Anyone who has TS or who has a child, friend, or cousin with TS can help! Here's how!!!

Basically I'm going to get a bunch of video's from different people with TS telling their stories and answering questions about TS and I'm going to put them all together to make a special awareness video. All you would need to do for this project is make a video answering these questions and then send it to me via the inbox, youtube, or my e-mail, jspershing93@gmail.com. I made a video to tell about the project so feel free to check that out. I already have video's from two different people for the project saved on my computer and all ready to go! I've had responses from more than 5 other people telling me that they are going to make video's very soon for the project! This is going to be pretty great I think!! I can't wait to get more videos! But I need your help! Please watch the video telling more about the project and submit a video of your own to be included in the final project!!!! :) 

Here's the video telling more about the project: 

Here are the questions:

Say your name, age, and that you have Tourettes
When were you diagnosed?
Explain what it was like being diagnosed.
What are some of your tics?
Did you tell people? Did you hide it?
How did you choose to tell others if you did?
What's the hardest part of having TS?
Do you think they're a positive side to having TS?
What do you want others to know about TS?
What associated conditions do you have? OCD?
ADD? ADHD? SPD? Etct..
Do you take medication? Has it helped?
Have you ever been bullied or teased?
What would you say to someone who was just
When do you tic the most? the least?
What do you like to do? are you an
artist? a musican? do you like to
cook or act in plays?
Anything else you want to tell people!

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