Monday, December 26, 2011

Hanukkah Party!! Happy Holidays!

Hey guys! So last night was my Hanukkah party and I have lots to tell! I can't believe its already over. I had so much fun and I wish it wasn't over. Anyway so my cousin Kitty and her mom came over at about 2:00 to help us get ready for the party. My mom just had shoulder surgery so she needed help with a lot of the cooking and such. We also had a party helper so that helped a lot too. Kitty and I didn't end up doing much helping really, because everyone seemed to have it under control. We did end up wrapping some presents at one point though. We went up to my room and hung out for like 5 hours. Lol, the party didn't start until 7:00. We played with her new phone, the iphone 4GS and Cerie, which I'm going to get as one of my Hannukkah presents later. We talked about a lot of stuff and we also watched a very bad movie about a church cult that killed homosexuals. We didn't feel the need to finish the movie so we turned it off, lol. We knew it would be a different scene when my other cousins Lipstick and Twitch showed up though. Lipstick and Twitch hadn't talked or even been in the same room for 6 months because they got into a giant fight about a boyfriend that Twitch started dating after Lipstick had broken up with him after dating him for 3 years. I thought they would at least be civil to each other, but nope I was wrong.

Twitch showed up about 10 minutes before Lipstick did and immediately came up to my room to hide. It took me about 10 minutes after Lipstick showed up to convince Twitch to go downstairs and that if she did Lipstick wouldn't attack her. Well I was right, she didn't attack her, but Twitch and Lipstick didn't say a word to each other the whole night! They avoided each other like the plague but from what I heard that was a better alternative than Lipstick actually approaching her because boy did she have some nasty things to say. Drama, Drama, Drama.

We all still had fun and Twitch and I actually spent a lot of time talking and hanging out one on one. I felt closer to her last night than I really ever have. When it started getting late I mentioned that I was getting tired, but only because i've been waking up at like 5 in the morning not able to go back to sleep for over an hour. Twitch seemed concerned and asked me why that was happening and when I told her I didn't know but my body just told me it was time to wake up she gave me some advice and told me the same thing was happening to her a little while ago and that I should ask my doctor about it. You know you're at my family's gathering when people can relate to waking up at 5am ticcing with your body telling you its time to wake up. You also know you're at my family's gathering when passing through the crowd you head "Oh yeah, I have lots of twitches, like I have to raise my hand a 5 times before I go in a room". So this is how I found out that my older 22 year old cousin also has some sort of TS/OCD combo. And you also know you're at one of my family gatherings when the presents consist of car vacume cleaners, my grandmothers nuts, and ice scrapers for wind shields.

Anyway, all in all it was a very fun night! I ate lots of Latkas and Brisket, talked lots about college, and got some good presents. A really cute key chain for a key to my moms car was my favorite present. Hope everyone else had a good Hanukkah/Christmas/ Holiday season!

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Happy Hanukkah! Dogs Celebrate Hanukkah Tooo!! 
My Doggie is having fun too! Although I haven't taken a 
video of it. Lol! 

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