Thursday, December 15, 2011

Princeton University!!!! Maybe?!?

So I know I already posted today but I think this calls for a second post. I applied early action to Princeton University( per the advice of my college counsler at school), which is the #1 university in the US which is tied with Harvard for the #1 slot, and got the schools decision back today. Anyways, I wanted to share this.

I did not get rejected! Which is all you can really hope for with these ivy league schools. I didn't exactly get accepted either, but I did get deferred. Basically they didn't accept me but they didn't reject me either. My application goes back to the regular decision applicant pool and will be evaluated again in February. I was really really excited about this because it's a big deal to get deferred.

A lot of people get rejected since it is the #1 university in the country and being deferred means that the school thinks your application deserves to be evaluated again and needs to be considered seriously. Basically the school just wants to see how your going to do for the rest of the year before they accept you for sure.

My application was not laughed out of the applicant pool, on the contrary it was considered seriously and is going to be considered seriously again. Being deferred means I am still in the running and I still have a chance to get into Princeton. I'm not too nervous considering I've already gotten into college and I have so many other applications out to other very prestigious schools that I am still waiting on.

I've already been accepted into University of Iowa and Indianna University which are my two safety/back up schools. Both of these schools admitted me into their honors colleges and each gave me a lot of merit based scholarship money. So if I don't get into Princeton when they re-evaluate my application, it will not be the end of the world. I have had many friends who were flat out rejected from colleges this week and not even deferred so I am very proud of myself right now.

Steam Punk, who has a perfect 4.0 gpa and a perfect SAT score, had the same thing happen to her with Harvard today and she is proud to be considered seriously by the university as well. All in all a good way to end the day! Anything is possible, don't ever give up. Princeton knows about my Tourette's because I wrote my college essay about TS and if anything they probably consider me a diverse and unique candidate, as I am a Jewish kid with TS.

Don't ever think you can't apply to the best colleges in the country or be in a prestigious career if you have TS. If you have the confidence and the will, TS can never stop you from achieving your dreams and being successful.

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