Monday, December 12, 2011

NJCTS: Teens4TS and TS Parents Online

I've recently been branching out of my own personal blog to write on the New Jersey Center for TS's Teens4TS blog. I'm not from New Jersey, but anyone is invited to post on the blog which is very exciting! NJCTS recently started two blogs, one for teens with TS, and one for parents who have kids with TS. Both are excellent blogs that I have really enjoyed reading. NJCTS was nice enough to post a link to my blog under their TS links on the teens blog and I've already had one post (click here to see it!) on the teens site. My next post on the teens site will be up this Tuesday. I will be occasionally blogging on the NJCTS Teens4TS blog and will of course still be blogging on my own blog many times a week. NJCTS has also tweeted about my blog which has prompted me to get my very first twitter account! I've never really used twitter before, but I'm finding it very exciting and fun. My boyfriend the other day  made a cute joke and told me that I didn't even need twitter to tweet. It took me a second to get it , but I quickly figured out he was referring to my bird chirping tic. A clever comparison! Anyway, check out my blog post on the Teens4TS site as well as the other posts on the teen and parents sites. Both blogs have posts from teens and parents from all over the US and even outside of the US as well. Many of the posts are helpful, inspirational, and just fun to read! :)

TS Parents Online:

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