Thursday, August 1, 2013

Camp is over, but it’s never REALLY over!

Camp is one heck of an amazing place! I miss it so much already! I’m still speaking about camp in the present tense when I tell people camp stories right now. I refuse to speak about it like it is over. I am in denial that we are back in the real world. I cried quite a bit again now that I am home and realizing that camp is really over.
My awesome co-counselor, Becca, helped me calm down, though, and I have stopped crying for now, but know I will cry at least one more time in the next few days or maybe many more times. I just want to go back to camp or want all my camp friends to come live with me. Love you all, and of course I miss my amazing campers, too.
I just have to try to keep in mind what one of my campers said, that camp lasts all year because your memories of camp and the support from the people at camp who now care about you so much and will be there for you when you need them is always with you no matter where you are physically.
These girls are all so mature for their age. Many of them have to be to get though all they have gone through. Most of the time, the amazing words that come out of their mouths both surprise me deeply and touch me. This is what will get me though the year until camp again next summer. Hope this post makes some since even though I am super tired and teary-eyed right now . Just had to say this.

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