Thursday, August 22, 2013

TS Medical ID Cards

This morning I was at FedEx kinkos making medical ID cards to hand to my professors and to give to the kids and teens in my  TSA events group. I used the template from the national TSA website. I would have ordered them from national TSA but I needed them sooner than they could come in the mail. Mine look far less professional than the ones you can order from the TSA online store by clicking on this link: Mine do however get the information across but I will definitely be ordering some professional looking ones soon! I handed my version of the card to the first professor I had a meeting with today about my Tourette's. The card seemed to help me feel more sure about myself when talking to her about it because I felt like I had real medical information backing what I was explaining about Tourette's. I will post about my meeting with the professor next!

This is what they look like: 

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