Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Not a Great Day

Ughhhh....i'm having so many tics today. I think i've had over 100 hitting tics today which is totally unusual for me since those are usually pretty rare tics for me and tops I will usually have between 1-3 hitting tics per week. Today though i'm pretty sore from all of the hitting tics in so many places..... 

When this happens I start to think "Why the heck am I not on Tourette's medication?" I have been wanting to avoid the side effects really and the negative things this kind of medication could do to my health. Hopefully this is just a reaction to my excitement and nerves though about moving back into the dorms next weekend and then starting classes shortly after. That's what it probably is and when I get settled into school these tics will probably calm down a lot.

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