Thursday, July 18, 2013

1 day till camp twitch and shout!

Okay I think you guys are probably getting as tired of this countdown as I am! I'm getting tried of counting down because I want to leave for camp twitch and shout RIGHT NOW! Lol, i'm getting rather impatient. Good thing camp is only 1 day away!!! 

Last night I woke up at 3:50 couldn't go back to sleep until 6ish. Then I acctually got in a few hours of sleep after that though. Well at least I won't have trouble waking up at 5:30 to go to the airport on Saturday! 

I pretty much finished up packing today too! One of my luggage is already all zipped up and closed which is super exciting! And all the needs to go in the second one before I close that one is a blanket for night time since I've heard it gets cold in the cabins at night and a non-fitted sheet. I might put a few little costume items in there too! Besides that all I need to do is wash out my water bottle and pack that, get my sack lunch to eat before counselor training on Saturday, put my hair brush, medicine, iphone charger, and cooling pillow pad in my backpack, and that's it, I'll be ready to go! 

After I got all packed up, I decided to watch some camp twitch and shout videos on facebook that I hadn't seen before and it made me get SUPER DUPER excited for Saturday! 1 more day!!! So I got so excited that I couldn't contain myself any longer! I stood up and started doing my jumping tic combined with my various lovely puppy dog sounding vocal tics. Lol, my dog decided she wanted to join in on the action and kept jumping up on me! She wouldn't leave me alone until I calmed down again enough to sit back down. Now that i've stopped ticcing so much for the moment, I seem to be much less interesting to her than her stuffed toy which she decided to run upstairs with and chew on in my mom's bed  Silly Brandy!

Tomorrow my friend is coming over to keep my busy for the day! We'll have lunch together and hang out. My tics are significantly more active right now because I am so excited and luckily my friend who is coming over is very used to my tics so it won't be a problem. I just hope I will be able to stay calm on the airplane flight to Atlanta so that whoever i'm sitting next to doesn't freak out on me. I probably will try to fall asleep as soon as I get on the plane so that hopefully I can sleep through the plane flight and won't have any troubles! I've never had any huge problems on planes before so I think I will be okay. I don't really feel like explaining Tourette's to the random stranger who will be sitting next to me so fingers crossed I fall asleep quickly. Then when I wake up I will be in Atlanta and will get off the flight and there will be someone there waiting for me to take me counselor training! Then I get to meet my awesome co-counselors and meet lots of other people with Tourette's and those without Tourette's too who are awesome too and are volunteering their time to make these kids' week amazing! Out of my 4 co-counselors, 3 of us have Tourette's so that's pretty awesome! Our other co-counselor doesn't have tourette's hasn't ever met someone with Tourette's before and I think a lot of other new counselors this year also haven't ever met anyone else with Tourette's before so this will be a new and interesting experience for them! Ah I'm just sooooo excited to meet everyone and be at camp and have this amazing experience! 

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