Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Home video of Lots of Hand Licking and Tongue Hitting Tics At 4 years old

For those of you who skipped over the dance home video because it was just too long or for those who would just like to see a shorter version focusing on just tics, I have condensed it for you to just show the main tic that I was doing in this video which is the hand licking tic and the hitting my tongue with my hand tic. This video was taken when I was around 4 years old by my mother in order , as you will hear my mother saying in the video, to show my father that there is definitely something different about me. 


  1. Some of these videos I wasn't sure how much would be tics as sometimes it's really common for kids who don't have tourette's to do tourette-like things, but this does show you in comparison to the other kids, and the hand-to-mouth tics are very obvious.

  2. Thanks for commenting! And yes, a lot of other people said that they could see the tics in this video very clearly.