Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's been going on in the Tourette's/OCD Community this week? (Week of Febuary 23rd)

(Feb 17) No funds for Tourette syndrome group in proposed Pennsylvania budget: 

(Feb 17) James E. Marshall OCD Foundation Presents $225k to Johns Hopkins at 8th Annual Beyond Beauty Gala to support genetic research relating OCD: 

(Feb 16th)PANDAS Video: 19 year old girl has had PANDAS for 3 years. Her symptoms diminished successfully after treatment when tics came on after walking pneumonia, but it's back again after a bout of Mono (part one and two):

(Feb 19th) Tristan Perez, 11, runs to make people more aware of Tourette's: 

(Feb 20) Blog Teens Have Mixed Feelings About New York Students with Tourette Syndrome-Like Symptoms:

(Feb 21) New Informational Tourette's and OCD book: The Tourette Syndrome & OCD Checklist: A Practical Reference for Parents and Teachers: 

(Feb 21)  Obsessive Compulsive Detective Show 'Monk' to return for TV movie?:

(Feb 22) UVA Freshman Track Star, Ryan talking about Tourette's Syndrome and Track Video: 

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