Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's been going on in the Tourette's Community this week? (Week of Febuary 13th)

(Feb 11th) Jamie Grace: From Tourette Syndrome to Grammy nod

(Feb 13th) Researchers say New York high school's outbreak of tic-like symptoms mirrors bizarre Mass Psychogenic 'Dancing Plague' in France in 1518:

(Feb 14th) Teenager starts braying like a donkey after pregnancy triggers a new and bizarre form of her previous Tourette's Syndrome: 

(Feb 14th) Jamie Grace (a 20 year old with Tourette's) had a blast at the Grammy's after being nominated, even though she didn't win:

(Feb 14th) Teen Moriah Silvers TSA Youth Ambassador advocates for herself and others with Tourette's through local speeches and selling T-shirts (Video):

(Feb 14th) Trevor Grogg, 11, of Jefferson Township and his family talk about the changes that were needed after his Tourette's Dignosis  on Reading Eagle:

(Feb 16th) Greg Dickerson, Celtics reporter, details his battle with Tourette syndrome and  Epilepsy:

(Feb 16) Bar Mitzvah provided needed moments of happiness for family with son with Tourette on NJCTS TS Parents Online Blog:

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