Sunday, February 19, 2012

How I've spent my 5 day weekend! And starting a new trimester Tuesday!

It's been a nice, long, and relaxing weekend after finals! I so needed these 5 days to recover from all that stress that comes along with finals week. I spent all day Thursday procrastinating and avoiding writing the 6-8 page paper that was due for my Satire class Friday at midnight, then spent all day Friday really sitting down and writing it. It took all day Friday pretty much and was soooo draining but I got in done and think I actually did a pretty decent job on it. Then I've spent all day Saturday and Sunday relaxing and having fun! Yesterday I went out to lunch with Speed Racer and we hit the science center for an hour or two. He gave me the LARGEST chocolate bar that I have ever seen for valentines day! So sweet of him! It was in a gold box with a red ribbon wrapped around it. I hadn't had any time to get him a present because I was so busy studying and dealing with finals but I went out today and bought him a present (artisan chocolates!). Then Saturday night I went out to eat Mexican food with my Grandpa. He insisted that I pick him up, drive to dinner, and pay with my new credit card that he had set up for me with a nice cushion of money inside of it. I ate so much food; it was ridiculous!!! The best part was the desert which was a chocolate tacco with mint chocolate chip ice cream and strawberries inside. So today I've been relaxing even more. It's sooo nice not to have homework! I slept late, played around on the computer, gave in and watched Breaking Dawn (which was mushy and cheesy but still kind of good),visited my grandma in her new assisted living home with my mom, bought valentines day chocolates for my boyfriend, and bought some cookies for my dog. Yep that's been pretty much it!

I have Tomorrow off as well, and supposedly Tuesday is supposed to be senior skip day, but I don't know if I'm actually going to skip. It's kind of silly to have senior skip day right after you've had a 5 day weekend! So my tics have calmed a bit since exams with all the relaxing and I start my new trimester Tuesday or Wednesday depending on if I skip Tuesday or not. I have two new classes with new teachers though, joy. I hate having new classes and new teachers. It means more explaining of Tourette's to both the teachers and the students. I will try to send my new teachers an e-mail about Tourette's either today or tomorrow. The e-mail always helps me feel a little bit better knowing that my new teachers know and hopefully understand. This is the e-mail I usually send so I will send this or a variation of this to them before class on Tuesday:

"I've been e-mailing my new teachers to briefly mention something. To avoid any possible confusion on the first day I just wanted to mention that I have Tourette's Syndrome. It does mention this in my personalized school plan, but I have found that teachers are not always able to get to all the plans before the first day of the new trimester and it makes me feel much more comfortable knowing that I have informed my teachers personally about this. I have both motor and vocal tics which include involuntary movements and sounds, but I don't swear or say offensive words. Usually my tics aren't disruptive to the class, but sometimes it helps me to get up and walk around for a bit if they get particularly bad. If you have any questions feel free to ask me or talk to the learning specialist. You can also visit for more information about Tourette's."

So that's what I will send! I sent it last trimester to my new teachers and got very good responses from them.  It helped me feel a whole lot better on the first day in their classes knowing they were aware of this. My tics usually are worse than usual on the first few days of a new class. It's kind of like Tourette's need to make a disclaimer right off the bat. Well we'll see how it goes. I think I will feel better about the new classes this trimester than I ever really have before. The reason for this is because of something I haven't talked about on my blog yet, but will blog about soon. 

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