Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Almost ready for the documentary to go public!

Yesterday I successfully exported all of the parts of my documentary (which ended up being 5 in total) and then uploaded them as unlisted on youtube only to find out that the music in part three is way way way too soft. You can't even hear it! So anyway now I have to go back into the program, re-work the music for part 3, re-export it, and re-upload it to youtube before I make the documentary public. I know a lot of people are anxiously awaiting its release so I will try to be as timely with this as possible! Maybe I can even get it done tonight. Although next week I have finals and tomorrow I have an English paper due and a History presentation to prepare for Thursday. Thank goodness I got my math and physics tests for this week out of the way. Next week though I will be dealing with finals! Gosh! I can't believe the second trimester is almost over! Anyway I will try to get the music thing figured out tonight. Oh and I also received my older cousin's music for the documentary and put some of it in! It really sounds great and I am so happy to have some of his own music incorporated in the documentary!

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