Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A list of my current tics! Soooo many tics! Aahhh!

So I decided to make a full list of every single tic I have at the moment that I can actually recall and put down on paper, or in this case, the Internet. A rough estimate, I think, is that I probably have more than 50 tics at the moment. My guess is somewhere between 50 and 60.
Let’s see how close I am with that. I figured I just wanted to see how many I actually have right now. I doubt I can even list them all there are probably so many. Thank you, Tourette’s! (That’s sarcasm!)
  1. Eye rolling to upper right corners
  2. Fast blinking
  3. Hard blinking/squinting
  4. Hard blink and hold eyes closed in a squint as hard as possible for 3 or 4 seconds
  5. Grimace with mouth combined with eye blink
  6. Grimace with mouth without eye blink
  7. Pursing lips silently
  8. Pursing lips to make a slight and quiet kissing sound
  9. Lifting upper lip
  10. Pouting lip
  11. Slight raising of lips into fast smile
  12. Sticking tongue out
  13. Chomping teeth
  14. Opening mouth really wide (looks like a silent scream)
  15. Twisting lips to the left or right side of face
  16. Entire face squint (just-tasted-something-really-sour face)
  17. Slight neck bend to left or right side
  18. Neck turning which results in neck cracking
  19. Violent head/neck jerking forward
  20. Shaking head fast from side to side
  21. Bending head backward
  22. Shoulder shrugging, both at same time or one at a time
  23. Pulling shoulders inward toward sockets
  24. Cracking shoulders
  25. Jerking both arms fast outward in front of me
  26. Cracking elbows
  27. Stretching arms all the way straight in front of me slowly
  28. Tilting head backward while taking in a sharp breath
  29. Tightening muscles in neck
  30. Tightening muscles in arms
  31. Arm contortions
  32. Jerking both arms toward chest vertically pretty hard
  33. Jerking right arm toward chest vertically pretty hard
  34. Hitting chest pretty hard with right hand
  35. Hitting stomach very hard  with right hand (sometimes so hard that I feel dizzy and start coughing and gagging as a result)
  36. Pushing hands against face really hard
  37. Hitting inside of elbows with hands
  38. Hitting things (chairs, laptops, desks, tables, anything in reach, etc.)
  39. Hitting eyes/parts of face or head
  40. Making fists with hands and clenching them
  41. Finger stretching and moving
  42. Bending hands at wrists fast
  43. Extending middle finger
  44. Making guns out of my finger
  45. Cracking knuckles
  46. Tightening all muscles in hands and fingers
  47. Tightening muscles in chest, throat and stomach so tight I am not able to breathe
  48. Lurching neck forward
  49. Tightening muscles in legs
  50. Jerking legs outwards
  51. Stomping
  52. Rolling ankles
  53. Standing up on tip toes
  54. Kicking
  55. Drumming on tables
  56. Knee knocking
  57. Almost constant leg shaking when sitting
  58. Foot shaking really fast
  59. Separating toes
  60. Raising big toe
  61. Crossing over first two toes
  62. Jerking entire upper body backward
  63. Full-body jerking tics
  64. Rolling neck
  65. Scratching entire body all over really fast
  66. Grabbing crotch area
  67. Hitting back of neck and back with hands
  68. Full-body muscle tightening, which causes me to slip down in my chair and hold the position
  69. Rubbing feet together in bed
  70. Jerking body upward in bed and just jerking all over the place in bed (fish-out-of-water tic) … Oh gosh I haven’t even gotten to the vocal tics!!!
  71. Screeching sound
  72. Forceful “Huh” or “Heh” sound
  73. Bird-chirping sound
  74. Whistling
  75. Loud sniffling
  76. Slurping sounds
  77. Gasping
  78. Taking in sharp breaths/breathing tics
  79. Clicking in back of throat
  80. Loud high-pitched noises
  81. High-pitched tea-kettle noise
  82. Hitting bottom of hands together forcefully
  83. Hitting feet together
  84. Forceful coughing so hard that it makes the muscles in my back hurt and gagging as a result
  85. Clearing my throat
  86. Grunting noises
  87. Air swallowing
  88. Biting my lips
  89. Licking my lips
  90. Picking my lips
  91. Sucking in the side of my lip to make a pucking sound
  92. Hiccuping noises
  93. Squeaking noises
And I think that’s it! Wow, 93! Talk about a lot of tics … I way underestimated. I can’t believe that I have that many! Gosh! 


  1. Your tics are a lot like mine. Mostly the muscle tightening ones. I don't hear other people mention that often. It's so tiring.

  2. Nice to hear from someone with similar tics! I agree, the muscle tightening is very tiring, especially when you are tightening every muscle in your body....