Friday, August 8, 2014

My Professor this Semester is on the TSA Scientific Advisory Board!

Today I was looking around on National TSA's website and since i'm starting to look into PhD programs I was looking at the Medical and Scientific Advisory board. I was scrolling down the list looking at the various universities the board members are affiliated with when I saw the name of my university! 

The woman's picture looked very familiar too! It took me a few seconds to remember where I had seen her before and then it hit me, she's one of my professors this semester! I've never actually met her in person, but I had seen her picture when I looked up her e-mail. I'm taking her Biological Psychology class this semester and I was ecstatic that I had just come across the fact that she's on the TSA's scientific advisory board!

Well I guess this means I won't be needing to explain to her what TS is! Of course I'll still e-mail her and tell her I want to meet with her before classes start to explain my accommodations and let her know about my TS, but it will be so nice to have a professor who really understands TS and did long before she met me! This is going to make my first week of school this semester just a little easier, and anything that makes my first week even a tiny bit easier makes a big difference considering how rough that first week can be with the seemingly constant explaining I end up having to do. By the end of the week i'm usually exhausted, frustrated, and thinking "if I have to explain Tourette's to one more person I think i'm going to explode!!". Lol, I get through it every year though and this year i'll have one less professor i'll have to explain it to 

This is the second thing that's happened that's given me a really good feeling about this year. First my RA e-mails me back telling me she had a friend in high school who had Tourette's and now one of my professors is on the TSA Scientific Advisory Board! I think my first week of school is going to be a lot easier this year with all this and with my amazing friends standing by my side 

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