Friday, August 1, 2014

My Annual TS Message to my RA

Sent my annual message to my RA (the student who is technically in charge of our floor in the dorms) letting her know about my TS. I do this every year. My tics have never caused a problem in the dorms, but I still tell my RA each year just to make sure she is aware of it on the front end. 

I have no idea if there would have been problems or not if I had not told my RA each year about my TS, but I really prefer to be safe about it rather than putting myself in a difficult or uncomfortable situation (which has happened a few times when a professor/teacher/or other person i'm around hasn't been told about my TS). Anyway, my RA responded to my e-mail, and like all of my RA's in the past, she sounds amazing and accepting.

Here was her response " Thank you so much for getting back to me! I had a friend in high school who also had Tourette's so I am familiar with it, but there are definitely more things I can learn from you! Looking forward to meeting you soon!"

It always makes me so happy when someone i'm trying to educate ends up already having known someone with TS

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