Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Beginning of A New Awareness Project, A Tourette's Syndrome Photography Campaign

Okay everyone! It's been a little while now since i've done an awareness project on here and today I came ac cross an article that inspired me so much that I decided I just had to take it to the Tourette's+ community. The article is about a photographer who decided to start a photography project called "Echolalia". Darn what a great name that is now taken! Guess I will have to think up another name for my version of the project. The father, Timothy started photographing his autistic son Elijah when he was 5 years old. His aim was to document the often bizarre and incomprehensible world of his son but the project developed into much more. Here is a link to an article about his project:

I want to start a similar project for Tourettes Syndrome and it's associated disorders but on a much larger scale! It might even at some point require it's own facebook page and blog. 
Sometimes a picture can speak so much more than words. A collection of pictures that express the strange world of Tourette Syndrome may just be the kind of awareness TS needs. So my challenge for you is to help me start up this small project which I hope will turn in to so much more than just a small project. What I need you guys to do is to connect with your inner photographer. Everyone can take a high quality, moving, and amazing picture with the right preparation, time, and effort. 
Here's what you can do: 
Take a picture or multiple pictures of yourself of your child that says something about the world of TS+. This picture needs to be high quality, shows effort was put into it, and probably took some preparation to put together. I will be posting a list of ideas for pictures shortly!

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