Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Cousin is Coming to Camp! So excited :)

I'm so excited! My cousin is going to come to camp twitch and shout to be a counselor with me next year! I had brunch with her today and she was doing so well. She is peppy, lively, and back to her regular self. She seemed really glad to see me and we had a great time. I think we may finally be forming that relationship that I have always wished we had. I can't wait to go to camp with her next year! I know we will bond even more at camp because you just bond so much with all the other counselors at camp. She is super excited to be a counselor this summer and now I also get to have an airplane buddy! Last year I had to ride the airplane alone, which made me pretty uneasy. But I got through it!

At brunch it was so nice to talk to her about camp and about Tourette's in general. We only talked about it for about 10ish minutes, but when we did it was just so incredibly nice. She talked about tics like they were so normal, explaining to my grandma what it was like to pick up someone else's tics by saying "See if you started clicking your tongue a lot right now, I would want to start doing it too". It was such a neat thing to hear a family member talking about tics like the are normal. I can't really describe exactly why I found that so amazing, but I did. Maybe it's because It's just so neat to know someone else in your family knows what it's like to have Tourette's and live with it on a regular basis. It makes me feel so much less alone.

Also I found out the reason she wasn't responding to my texts from before was because they never went through! She was never ignoring me, she just simply didn't get the texts. I texted her later today about camp and since she had her phone fixed, it went through and she responded back quickly telling me she is super excited and can't wait to go camp with me and experience it and saying she also enjoyed having lunch with me and that we'll have to do it again 

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