Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Resolutions for 2013!

Hey guys! So I just watched a video made by my friend Lena who also has Tourette's and who will be participating in the documentary! Here is a link to her fabulous video:

Her video is about her New Years Resolutions and while watching the video I thought about how I really haven't sat down yet to make my resolutions for 2013. Let's just say I've kind of been putting it off. So in this post, I plan to sit down and write out my New Years resolutions for 2013 once and for all! Some will relate to Tourette's and my associated conditions and some will just be about resolutions for my general life. Also they are not in any particular order of importance. I will just write them down as I think of them!

Also, you can comment on this post to share any or all of your new years resolutions! I would love to hear your resolutions for 2013!

1.) Actually talking to my professors during the first week about my Tourette's.

The first semester of college, I didn't really tell any of my professors (besides one) about my Tourette's. I am kind of disappointed in myself that I didn't tell them about my tics. None of my professors had a problem with my tics or brought them up at all really despite the fact that I ticced a lot in class but I know it would have been better for both them and myself if I had given them a heads up about my tics so that we would be on the same page about it and so that they would know that I wasn't making faces at them or reacting to the lecture in any way, it was just my tics. I missed an opportunity to educate them about Tourette's and to stand up for myself and to show both them and myself that I was not ashamed of my Tourette's. So this next semester (which starts next Monday) I plan to stop by my professors' office hours during the first week of school to let them know in person about my accommodations and about my tics.

2.) Work my hardest in school.

The first semester of college was a big transition time for me. I was adjusting to a completely new situation. I was living away from home for the first time, trying to make new friends, and just trying to adjust to everything that was brand new. Although my parents are very happy with my grades from first semester, I know I can work harder. So next semester I am going to work harder academically which means reading more, studying more, and spending more time hitting the books!

3.) Be open to new ideas and new experiences.

I think I did a fairly good job of being open to new ideas and experiences first semester, but in college new ideas and new experiences are everywhere! I will be even more open to these new experiences and will try to approach things with an open mind.

4.) Get involved!

The first semester I was so busy with the new social life and academic life that I didn't really get involved in extra curricular activities. I did work in the neuroimaging lab at the medical school all semester and plan to continue working there next semester, but I feel like I need to get involved with something like the literary magazine or the newspaper, so I will really try hard to get involved with something like that this semester.

5.) Exercise to help with my anxiety!

My therapist that I see for my OCD and anxiety keeps telling me that I need to start doing at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise a day as a part of my treatment for my OCD and anxiety disorder. She said that doesn't have to mean going to the gym every day but it just means doing something to get my heart pumping for 30 minutes a day. I can run or walk quickly outside for 30 minutes, do jumping jacks and run in place in my room for 30 minutes, or on days when I do have the time I can go to the gym. I also promised my friends in my dorm that I would go to the gym on campus with them after break so I need to keep that promise!

Well those are my New Years resolutions so far for next year! Again, comment on this post to share any or all of your new years resolutions! I would love to hear your resolutions for 2013!

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