Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Roommate for College Next Year!

Yesterday I got an e-mail back from my roommate next year for college. She will be my first real roommate and I am both excited and scared. I'm excited because she seems like an awesome person! She is the captain of  her soccer team and loves soccer, is very smart, seems totally friendly and excited about college next year, and seems just about as excited as I am to have a roommate! But i'm also scared as to how she will react to my Tourette's and OCD. I have no idea if she has even the smallest idea of what Tourette's or OCD is. She may have never even heard of it for all I know or may only know the stereotypes. I don't even know how I am going to tell her. Not sure if I will get the guts to tell her before I meet her in person or if I'll wait to tell her until I meet her. She has been kind of slow to respond to e-mails and texts, and I know if I sent her an e-mail or text about my TS/OCD, I would rack my brain and worry like crazy until she responded. Like I would be freaking out until she responded and maybe even after she responded as well. I mean its totally fine that she hasn't been responding quickly. I'm anxious to meet her and have more conversations with her, but I understand that summer is a very busy time for people and I also understand and some people don't spend a lot of time online or at a computer. I actually totally respect that and sometimes wish I was more like that as well, but it's certainly not ideal for telling someone something very personal about yourself, so this is why I may just wait until I meet her in person to tell her. Wish me luck with telling my roommate when I do choose to tell her! I don't know when I'll end up telling her, but I do know that I will eventually tell her, probably at the very latest sometime in the first few days I meet her in person., I hope she accepts me for who I am and I hope she isn't too freaked out by the prospect of living with someone who twitches, jerks their body, makes noises, and obsesses. My goal will be to explain it to her and help her to understand it without freaking her out or worrying her too much about what its going to be like rooming with me next year. Again, wish me luck. I'll tell her when the time is right. Right now, the time isn't right quite yet.

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