Friday, April 13, 2012

End of the Week Update

Well today is Friday and I can happily report that I had a whole week of lightish tics. Today my tics have gotten worse, but from Monday until Thursday my tics were relativity mild. My dropping to the ground tic was minimal and I only dropped to the ground twice this week. It seems to be tapering off and I hope that means it is going to go away, but we'll see. I have also been getting lots of sleep, as my tics have not been interfering with my sleep this week. After 4 days of light tics though, my tics are beginning to get worse today. I have had lots of vocal tics, jerking tics, and arm tics today.

Besides this, I ordered a book about Tourette's Syndrome from The book is kind of old and was published in 1992, but I think it will still be good. It came in the mail yesterday and it's called "Dont think about Monkeys". Lol, I don't exactly know why it was given this title. I have also been reading Marc Elliott's "What makes you tic?" book which I am really enjoying! What strikes me about Marc's book is how many countless times a day he has to explain his Tourette's to people who he might not even know. Now my TS isn't so bad that I would have to tell this many people per day, but I do get get questions probably on a weekly basis and I get a little tired of explaining it myself! I don't mind explaining it to friends or people who I know I will be getting to know well, but when it comes to strangers or people who don't know me well, I try to avoid having to explain myself simply because of the fact that it gets annoying for me. How in the wold did Marc Elliott stand it? I have no idea really.

Well I am having a hard time with this post because my tics are bad right now. I keep having to stop writing to jerk my body, arms, and head. My hands do not seem to be cooperating so well for typing this out. I would keep writing, but I just don't think I am up for it right now with my tics the way they are. The more I type, the more frustrated my body is getting. So I will post again later this weekend.

I just did my loud yelping tic and a girl sitting near me from another grade said "are you okay?". I didn't feel like explaining, so I put on the most confident and content appearance that I could and said that I was okay. I know people are just trying to make sure I'm okay, but truthfully I just wish sometimes they could just ignore it and let me be.

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