Thursday, January 14, 2016

Excessive Guilt - OCD

Something i've been dealing with lately is excessive guilt. I've dealt with this before and I know it's another symptom of my OCD. It can be very taxing, and like all obsessions it can feel so real. Every time I do something that I, or others around me perceive to be wrong, I cannot shake the feeling of extreme guilt. In the past this has made me "walk on egg shells in the past" because i'm so afraid to do something wrong. I wrong express my true opinions or wont show my personality because i'm afraid of doing something wrong and once again feeling the extreme sense of guilt. It's certainly hard, but I just have to realize its another symptom of my OCD and that I can't let it get in my way or control me.

Also on the more positive side, my interview went so well! I got asked back for a "call back" interview with the head of the lab, so that's obviously a good sign :)

I will be so happy if I get this research position in my home town, but I also know that there are other options out of town as back up options. I just hope that whatever position I get will allow me to take time off for camp. I don't know what I would do without camp. I love being with all the kiddos there and seeing my counselor friends too. Hopefully we'll do another counselor reunion soon :)

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