Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Positivity challenge day 2 !

Today I took my brother to get his wisdom teeth out. Even though it was a pretty awful time for him, and still is, I think it was a bonding moment for us. My mom says that we'll always look back and remember the time when I took him to get his teeth out. She's right. After he got his teeth out, we filled his prescription and I took him to get a milk shake. It was a real older sister moment.

I'm starting to feel more comfortable ticcing around him because I know he doesn't even think twice. He accepts that Tourette's is real and tics aren't something the person can control. When I tell him about camp, he says things that are really compassionate and real. I really appreciate that and am grateful that he is that way. I feel like if he ever has a child with tics (which there's a real possibility of) or if he is the uncle to my kids with tics/ TS, he will be great with them and will accept them for who they are.

 I used to worry that he would be that kid who in school who would laugh at kids who are different (aka me because of my tics) or think they are "weird" , but I know he doesn't think tourette's is "weird". He thinks of Tourette's as a medical condition, not something that's the person's fault or that makes them weird. I am grateful he is so well educated about Tourette's and doesn't have the perspective my grandparents or even my mom sometimes has.

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