Friday, July 31, 2015

Movie Theater Night Out

Today I went with a close friend to see a movie. We saw paper towns and it was pretty good! We got to sit in a movie theater with big leather chairs that lean back and have foot rests. Being in these chairs actually helped me tic a lot less than I regularly would in a movie theater. Sitting in an audience/lecture/or just sitting and watching a movie is a MAJOR trigger for my tics for some reason, but being able to move around and shift to multiple comfy positions in these amazing chairs really seemed to help! I was doing both motor tics and vocal tics in the theater, but it was really one of the first times i've ever felt comfortable in that situation.

Most of the time I feel so on edge in a theater, but tonight I felt at ease even though I was ticcing a fair amount. I'm not sure why I felt so at ease, but i'm pretty sure it had to do with my amazing college friend who recently told me she doesn't want me to hide anything about my Tourette's from her. She wants me to be open and able to talk about it with her and she certainly doesn't want me to hide my tics from her. She told me I am not only one of her closest friends in college, but one of the closest friends she has ever had. She loves that I have a goal of being more open about my TS and was really encouraging me to be more open with her and with others.

 Tonight i'm thankful for my amazing friends who I can spend Friday nights with and who accept me for who I am. I'm grateful they don't treat me any differently because of my TS and don't think of me differently when they see me ticcing. I'm grateful for my closest friends who don't even blink when I double over to punch myself in the stomach. I don't mind if people ask if i'm okay when i'm ticcing like this and I actually appreciate their concern because I know they care,  but I also love it when my friends can just completely ignore it and not even give it a second glance.

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