Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Testing Issues

Yesterday I took a social psychology test in the disability resources center. I've taken all of my tests there so far for my first year of college and they sometimes put one or two other people in the room with me but my tics have been pretty mild when taking tests lately because I am focused on the test. I guess my tics were a little worse than usual for the test yesterday and I was doing a lot of sniffling and some other other quiet vocal tics. The girl who was in the room with me requested to have another room and left. I think I better request a separate room for next time so that I don't bother anyone...Haven't decided though yet. 


  1. I always had a separate room for exams, so it was just me and the invigilator. Unfortunately the invigilators weren't always informed of my tourette's, so I'd have a sudden bout of tics and the invigilator would stop and ask me if I was okay. That was very distracting itself, but heaps better than sharing a room with a whole bunch of people!

  2. Thanks for commenting! Sorry that invigilators weren't always informed about your TS and asked you questions about it. That's happened to me before in high school as well. Thanks for the advice and for sharing! I will post about if I decide to ask for a separate room next time!