Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 Step Plan to be a Counselor at Camp Twitch and Shout!

OK, so I have made a 10-step plan, with each step leading up to my final goal of possibly being a counselor at Camp Twitch and Shout this summer!!!! Step 1 has been completed. Step 1 was to talk to my mom about my Tourette Syndrome in a calm and mature way letting her know that she doesn’t need to worry about me TS-wise.
People in college are accepting and understanding, I have a good social group, and TS is not at all negatively effecting my social life or academic life in any serious way. I know this is not a very direct step, but trust me it’s an important step none the less for me and my mother.
Only 9 steps left. The next step though is the most crucial step and will determine if I can go this year or not. The next step is to see if my mom can get her plane tickets to France refunded. My whole family was going to go to France this summer (the exact week that Camp Twitch and Shout is happening), but now my grandpa is having surgery that week and my mom is trying to get her plane tickets refunded.
If she get get refunded for the plane tickets, then we will be able to stay home with my grandpa, but if not we will just have to go to France regardless. I will be very disappointed if my mom cannot get the plane tickets refunded because that means I won’t be able to be a counselor at Camp Twitch and Shout this summer.
If that is the case, though, there is always next year and the years following that to be a counselor there. I am hoping so much though that I will be able to go this summer. :)

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