Saturday, September 8, 2012

TS Story of the Day: "OH NO! Are you getting sick too?"

Tonight I was doing my sniffling tic a lot at dinner and a girl on my floor who I haven't told about my TS yet turned to me and said "Are you okay? OH NO! Are you getting sick too??" She was very concerned because there are apparently multiple people on my floor who are getting colds. I assured her that I was not getting sick, but didn't tell her they were tics. I didn't really feel like going into it I guess, particularly because I had already explained it two other people at the table before. But if she asks again, I'll probably give her a legitimate tic explanation. Well that's my TS story of the day :) Maybe I'll start doing these little TS stories of the day more often haha :P I think I'll give it it's own label. 


  1. over in the uk it's known as 'freshers flu' to get a cold in the first week or two of university - all these new people with new germs, and too busy to eat healthily so your immune system's out of whack.

  2. Yikes! Well I hope I don't get a cold like everybody else!