Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Starting College (in 15 sentences)!

Okay, so I'm finally ready to write a post. I've been avoiding blogging, because i've been being lazy about it and well there's just too much to actually blog about. So I'm not even going to try to blog about everything that's happened with me starting college in the past week or so, but I will do my best to summarize.

Summary of starting college (in 15 sentences)

1. My roommate and I are very different people, she's not going to be my best friend, but we get along well enough and she is being respectful and accepting of my tics and OCD.
2. I did decide to tell my roommate about my TS and OCD over facebook about a day before she arrived and I made the right decision because when move in day came around, everything was so crazy that I wouldn't have really had the time to tell her in a non-rushed way anyway.
3. I've made lots of friends! Of course, we'll need time to get close, but we're getting there.
4. My classes are great and I'm really liking them, and so far I haven't been ticcing too much in class (well i've been doing a lot of motor tics but not my loud vocal tics so far).
5. For the most part my tics have been moderate; i've been having a lot of motor tics but not so many vocal tics.
6. The only vocal tics i've been having are a loud barking cough sound, a softer grunting/coughing sound, sniffling, throat clearing, a little bit of squeaking, and whistling.
7. I've started a clapping tic lately and I'll just do one or two claps.
8. So far, i've really only told 6 people about my tics directly besides the Nemrovs and they have all been accepting and pretty cool about it.
9. I have my first OCD therapy appointment with my new therapist since i've started college on Thursday
10. My new puppy is adorable and I love her so much already and she's visited me at college twice so far.
11. My freshman floor is pretty close and a lot of the friends i've made are on my floor.
12. My floor does all these fun activities together like going to dinner, watching movies, doing yoga, playing cards, playing sardines, watching Dr. Who (which one of my friends here has gotten me to start watching), and much more.
13. The food here is great and I have so many choices for every meal.
14. My OCD is pretty darn good right now and I can do laundry and do a lot of things that I wasn't able to do before and I'm really not having a lot of trouble with my OCD right now which is really really fantastic.
15. I have my first quiz today in linguistics; wish me luck!


  1. sounds like it's all going pretty well so far! i find it important to tell people about my TS as soon as I can because if it's been a while then it makes it even harder to tell them.
    i'd be interested to know more about your roommate - what about her makes you think you might not get along that well?

    hope the quiz went well!

  2. Yeah, I have been telling a few people at least about my TS as soon as I can. Especially people who I think I will be friends with.

    It's not that I think I won't get along with my roommate. In fact we get along pretty well. I just don't think we'll be best friends. We're pretty different people. She likes hard core sarcasm, I don't really. She's a major soccor player, I don't really like sports at all. I'm a warm person who likes to have deep conversations and talk about feelings, she is pretty closed off and keeps things on the inside, etc.