Monday, March 5, 2012

Suppressing Tics On Stage and an OCD Eval

Hey guys! So things are already working on getting back to normal in my life after the events of this weekend. Today I had a great honor to be initiated into my school's chapter of the Cum Laude Society. For those of you who don't know, the Cum Laude Society honors high school students for their academic success throughout high school. Basically it means that I am in the top 10-20% of my high school class as far as grades and academic success goes. It is a huge honor that only 30 (out of 150) people in my class are given. I would always look up to the seniors who were on stage during the Cum Laude Society assembly when I was in the younger grades, and now it was my turn!  I basically had to sit on stage for 20 minutes though and then go up and accept my certificate. This was the part I was not happy about! I would rather go to the orthodontist! My mom, dad, and grandma came, and I suppressed most of my noticeable tics for pretty much the entire time. I ended up with a massive headache, a sick feeling, and a total eruption of tics afterwards. Thank goodness it's over though! And now I am an official member of the Cum Laude Society and have my very nice looking award which my parents are going to frame! I think it was worth it for the most part.

Other than that, today after school I am going to a psychological evaluation for an OCD intensive program that my mom wants me to enroll in over the summer. I am very curious as to what the psychologist is going to ask me. Probably what are your obsessions and compulsions, how motivated are you to work on it, bla bla bla etc. I truthfully don't know if I want to enroll in this program, because I don't know how hard I will be willing to push myself in terms of OCD. I see a psycologist for my OCD almost weekly, but I have had a lot of trouble actually doing exposure therapy in the past. When I fail to accomplish OCD exposures or when I am too hesitant to do them at all, I just feel really disappointed in myself. Sometimes I think it would just be so much easier to live with the OCD, as opposed to try to work on it, fail, and end up disappointed and feeling bad about myself. Getting beyond the grips of OCD feels so out of reach for me, and overall even though it is annoying and makes me very frustrated sometimes I live with it and get through the challenges it poses for me. Anyway, we will see how this evaluation goes. I'll blog about it later. I will also have to explain my Tourette's to him, as well as my other associated conditions. Some psychologists know more about Tourette's than others so I may have to explain a lot, or maybe just a little. We will see!

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